Critical Questions

Compensation and Incentives

Questions: How is he or she compensated? Are they incented to sell you products? What are their fees? Do they charge any transaction costs or fees other than for the management of the assets? To what extent do they utilize securities that have high embedded fees? Are they truly independent or are they beholden to the bureaucracy of a large organization and subject to corporately dictated objectives and processes? Are they focused on your interests and goals or the goals of a corporation?

Chatham Capital Group is: an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) fiduciary. This means we have a legal obligation to always do what is in the best interest of our clients. We do not sell any products, collect any commissions, or charge any fees or transaction costs other than our management fee. We utilize the most efficient securities with the lowest cost possible for our client portfolios. Client success is our sole mission. When our clients succeed, we succeed. We are 100% employee owned and have no fee-related conflicts of interest.

Client Service and Attention

Questions: How many clients do they have? Industry publications have placed the average number of clients for financial advisors at well over 100. How much attention will you receive?

Chatham Capital Group is: 100% client focused. At Chatham, our professionals each serve about 50 clients on average, focusing their full attention on a limited group of select clients. We will never compromise service or client focus for an unmanageable number of clients.

Experience and Expertise

Questions: What training or skills does he or she have? Have they managed money for clients through the bear markets of 2000-2002 and 2008-2009? Are they knowledgeable of macroeconomic developments and trends? Do they have an understanding of complex financial concepts and the full spectrum of asset classes? Are they versed in security analysis and selection across varying economic environments?

Chatham Capital Group is: owned and operated by advisors that average over 25 years of financial experience and have managed money for clients for decades, through all kinds of environments. Our professionals include five CFAs, five MBAs, a DBA and a CFP. Our principals have extensive financial experience and training in security analysis, portfolio management, estate planning, tax planning/analysis, investment strategy, and financial planning.